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Chocolate Lovers Basket


Dairy milk-2-160gOreo biscuts-2Pringles-2Kinder joy-2Bountry-1Kinder bueno-1Snickers-1Mars-1Toblerone-116 Ferrero rocher-1Nutella-1Peanut butter-1Can Basket..

Forever Love Delights Box


The "Forever Love Delights Box" is a special wooden box made with love. It has a sweet message, "Love You Forever," carved on it. Inside, you'll find three Ferrero Rocher chocolates, a yummy 160g Dairy Milk chocolate bar, and a beautiful single rose. It's a thoughtful gift for someone you care about, a combination of tasty treats and a symbol of ev..

Roses & Rocher Radiance


Introducing 'Roses & Rocher Radiance'—a sweet Valentine's delight. This charming arrangement includes 24 Ferrero Rocher chocolates, a cuddly Teddy Bear, and five beautiful roses. A perfect trio for expressing your love in a simple yet elegant way. Let the radiance of roses and the sweetness of Ferrero Rocher create a memorable moment for your s..

Choco Charm Bouquet -Dairy Milk with Baby's Breath Blooms


Experience pure bliss with our 'Choco Charm Bouquet.' This exquisite arrangement combines the creamy elegance of Dairy Milk with the delicate beauty of Baby's Breath Blooms. A delightful treat for any occasion, bringing joy and sweetness in one enchanting gift.This bouquet contains 1 x Dairy Milk 160g and Baby's Breath..

Chocolate Rose Harmony


4 -Red Rose3 -Ferrero ..

Endless Love Confections


"Endless Love Confections: A charming box with 15 Ferrero Rocher chocolates and 3 beautiful roses. Perfect for expressing love and sweet sentiments in a delightful and elegant way."..

Love Nest Chocolate Surprise


Embrace the essence of love with our exquisite gift, a celebration of heartfelt emotions and cherished moments. Unwrapping this special surprise reveals a thoughtfully curated selection, crafted to express affection in the most enchanting way. Each element is carefully chosen to embody the language of love, creating an unforgettable experience..

Mixed Chocolate Basket


KitKat -11.9g -04Cadbury Dairy Milk -13.2g-04Bounty-01Twix -50g-01Snickers -50g-01Mars-50g-01Kinder Bieno -01Can Basket..

Sweet Heart Ferrero Garden


"Savor the romantic allure of 'Sweet Heart Ferraro Garden.' Layers of luscious Ferrero Rocher-infused chocolate cascade into a decadent symphony. Topped with edible blossoms, each bite is an exquisite journey through sweetness and elegance. Elevate your special moments with this opulent confection, a perfect blend of indulgence and love."..

Yummy Chocolate Basket


Twix -50g-02Kit Kat 11.9g-05Cadbury Dairy Milk -6.6g -10Can Basket..

Chocolate Basket for celebrations


Dairy Milk 160g - 2Toblerone 100g - 1Kinder Bueno 43g - 2KitKat 3 Fingers 27.5g- 2KitKat One finger - 8cane basket-1..

KitKat Harmony Bouquet


Send a sweet surprise with our KitKat Harmony Bouquet! This delightful gift features 10 KitKat chocolates (11.9g each) beautifully arranged for a perfect break. Ideal for spreading joy on any occasion..

Transparent Love Balloon Delight


Dive into sweetness with our "Transparent Love Balloon Delight" boasting 16 Ferrero Rocher chocolates in a chic cylinder box. The transparent balloon, adorned with an "I LOVE YOU" sticker, adds a heartfelt touch. This compact arrangement merges decadent flavors with a touch of romance, making it the perfect gift for any special moment...

Cadbury Dairy Milk Mini Chocolate Bouquet


Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate  13.78 g-  10..

Chocolate Arrangement With I Love You Balloon


Dairy Milk 160G -2 Toblerone Chocolate 100g -1    Kinder Bueno-2Kit Kat 3 Finger-2Mars-1Snicker-1Three Colours BalloonsTransparent Balloon With I Love You Wording ..

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