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Lady In Red Cake Jaffna


"Lady in Red: Jaffna's divine red velvet cake. Indulge in layers of luxury delivered to you."2kg..

Love Parchment Cake



Passionate Love Layers


Ignite the flames of passion with our "Passionate Love Layers" cake. Indulge in the divine layers of rich chocolate and velvety red velvet, harmonized with luscious raspberry filling. Topped with decadent cream cheese frosting and edible roses, this cake is a symphony of flavors, perfect for expressing deep affection. Order now and set the stage fo..

Be Mine Cake



Heart Shaped Valentine's Day Cake


                         CAKE Weight-2KG..

Love cake


Declare your love with the "I Love You" cake, a sweet symphony of affection. This delectable creation features layers of moist vanilla sponge, embraced by smooth strawberry filling. Topped with decadent cream cheese frosting and edible hearts, it's a romantic delight. Order now to express your love with a truly unforgettable and delicious gesture.w..




Red Heart Cake



Romantic Red Heart Cake


weight -1.5kg..

Valentine's Day Cake With Rose


This Cake Must be Order 24 Hours Before The Delivery Date.                               Weight-2 KG..

Heart Shape Parchment -Cake


weight 1.5kg..

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