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Delightful Fruit Basket


Papaya-01BananaRed Apple-02Green Apple-01Mango-03Imported Grapes-200gOrange-03Can Basket..

Mother's Day Fruit Basket


Pineapple-01BananaRed Apple-02Green Apple-01Mango-03Imported Grapes-200gOrange-03Best Mom Ever TopperCan Basket..

Fruit Delight


his orchard-fresh fruit basket is a great treat to deliver any message, and is perfect for sharing with family and friends. A rich and ripe gourmet treat.Included items: One Pineapple, 1.5kg Bananas, 3 Oranges, 3 Red Apples,2 Green Apples,  250grm of Dark Red Grapes, 250grm of Green Grapes,1 Water melan, 1 Pears  and Cane Basket..

Tropical Fusion Fruit Basket


Explore the ideal gift with our 'Tropical Fusion' fruit basket, now available for delivery to Jaffna and the rest of the north in Sri Lanka. Share the gift of freshness and flavor, elegantly presented for any occasion. Unveil a moment of joy with this exquisite and wholesome offering..

Exotic Delight Fruit Basket


Exotic Delight Fruit Basket  basket is a beautifully crafted gift basket that includes a variety of fresh and delicious fruits, arranged in an elegant and attractive manner. Whether it's for a romantic partner, family member, or friend, a love with fruits gift basket is sure to bring a smile to their face and brighten their day.• Imported Oran..

The Fruit Pack


The Fruit PackPack includes:- Guava 1kg- Pineapple 1 (1kg)- Watermelon 1 (1kg)- Papaya 1 (1kg)- Banana ( 1kg)..

Mum's Delightful Surprise


Mum's Delightful Surprise" is the perfect combo to surprise and delight your mother on Mother's Day. This gift set includes a beautifully designed ceramic mug that will remind her of your love with every sip, a nutritious fruit basket packed with a selection of seasonal fruits, and a gorgeous pink flower bouquet that will brighten up her day. This ..

Tropical Fruit Basket


wish your loved ones good health and warm wishes by sending this basket full of exotic fruits. will truly enlighten their day.Fruit Basket Contents:     *Banana 1.5KG     *Pappaya - 01     * Mango 3      *Wood Apple -01     *Guva 02..

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